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Letter Box

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 Letter Box

 Plastic Injection Moulded letter boxes

 As it is big in size it is useful to accommodate the big size letters/covers, daily news paper and other periodicals. (A-4 Size covers, News Papers.)

 It is ideal for Apartments, Villas, Bungalows, Residences, Hotels, offices, Schools, colleges, Hostels, Hospitals and any such situations:-

The glossy top (but hard) letter boxes are fast moving. Many have turned to the new trend of inbuilt colour letter boxes definitely it could satisfy your requirements.

With Lock and Key

The new generations selects the inbuilt colorful letter boxes now available in Orange, Red, Smoke Grey and Light Grey the different colours are splashy in colour and design which are eye catching and attractive and ornamental to the premises. It not only makes a statement but also brightens the ambiance of your premises.

We are in hope that, fancy and rust proof Letter boxes substitute the metal/wooden letter boxes to a good extent. The letter box is specially made in an innovative way with inbuilt colour which is fancy with gloss finishing. This is strong and durable and ideal for many situations. The lock and key protects the individuality.