School Desk with Bench

School Desk with Bench

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              PRODUCT:-   Desk with bench attached with or without books provision and bench with    or without back support available. These types of desks are ideal for primary  classes            especially for 4th , 5th and 6th standards  

 We introduce:-                                                                                                                     


Class Room Furniture, (Montessori to PG level)

Students writing pad cushion/ other chairs, Racks and filing cabinets

Teaching Aids:- Audio – Visual & Interactive Products,

            Digital & Analog Language Lab, Writing & Display

            Boards, Wireless Tablets, Digital Multimedia Podium,

            Security Camera, Computers, PA Systems/Conference

            Systems, Lab Products.

HOSTEL: Cot, Storage cot, Bunker cot, Wardrobe, Versatile use table with storage.


100sof Play ground equipments

               DECORATIVE DUSTBINS.                                                                                                                    Animal and bird shape